Our Mission

Excelsior, a name inspired by Latin ‘ever upward’, embodies our mission to redefine and elevate the wealth management experience. We empower you to make impactful financial decisions through a synergy of expert guidance, innovative technology, and premium wealth solutions.

Our Approach

As boutique wealth management firm, we offer turn-key and bespoke wealth management services tailored to the aspirations of both emerging and established investors. We are designed to seamlessly integrate into modern life, offering more support than robo-advisors with a more streamlined experience than traditional in-person models.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to your financial well-being is matched by our dedication to integrity, transparency, and personalized care. With no commissions, advisory fees below the industry average, and no extra subscription costs to work with an advisor, your interests always come first.

Our Team

Matt Curley


Calum Bashford

Wealth Advisor

Amy Podzius

Board Member

Our Story

Matt Curley and Amy Podzius met the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business in 2021 during their Executive MBA journey. Their meeting was serendipitous, bringing together professionals with similar yet complementary backgrounds, a shared passion for improving financial lives, and a commitment to common leadership values. Most importantly, they were both driven to make a significant impact in the world of financial services.

Recognizing an opportunity to transform wealth management, Matt and Amy observed two distinct models in the industry. On one-side, digital, app-based platforms offered “do-it-yourself” solutions, sometimes lacking access to an advisor or offering subscription services for human advice. On the other side, traditional high-touch wealth management firms relied on in-person interactions but did not adapt to evolving client and advisor preferences. Matt and Amy did not view either of these business models as inherently wrong. Instead, they saw a gap in the market – a missing boutique wealth management firm that seamlessly combines digital convenience with the personalized human touch. And thus, Excelsior was born!